Fox News’ Mark Levin Says FBI Raid on Trump Is Worse Than 9/11 Or Pearl Harbor. “This is the worst attack on this republic in modern history. Period.”  Read more. 

Trump Says He Would Crush George Washington, Abe Lincoln in Election. Read more. 

Trump says Capitol attack “represented the greatest movement in the history of our Country.” Read more. 

MA Catholic School Serves Fried Chicken to “Honor” Black History Month. Per announcement, "In honor of Black History Month…today's lunch is fried chicken"

Disney Expresses ‘Regret’ Over H.S. Drill Team’s Offensive Depiction of Native Americans In Magic Kingdom Parade. The drill team from Port Neches-Groves High School in Texas - called the “Indianettes” – performed a mock Native American “dance” while chanting, “Scalp ‘em, Indians, scalp ‘em.”

VA Gov. Youngkin Appointee to Historical Commission claims "Secession Was NOT Treason," and North’s “Invasion” of the South Was “just like we see Russia invading Ukraine”; Robert E. Lee Was a “Morally Fine Human Being” Read more. 

Walmart unveils a Juneteenth ice cream, because nothing commemorates emancipation from slavery like … red velvet? The company apologized and removed the products from stores.Read more

Rep Burgess Owens compares anti-vaxers to Rosa Parks, saying opposition to vax mandates is “America’s New Civil Rights Movement”

Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene compares electric planes to slave ships  Read more. 

​​Candidate Harriet Hageman says Biden is "largest or the most destructive human trafficker in our history" Read more. 

Writer David Barton claims 2nd Amendment allows everyone to own a nuclear weapon. Said Barton, Private nukes are fine "if you’ve been trained with responsibility and morality and the concept of when and where you use them—the Founding Fathers were trained extensively in the concept of defensive warfare.”

Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene says Pelosi leads ‘Gazpacho police.’ That’s a SOUPER fail!!

MA high school asks history class students to list the “positive effects of imperialism”

Ben Shapiro says Lizzo playing a flute owned by James Madison is "the vulgarization of American history" Read more. 

VA Gov Youngkin’s revamped executive mansion tour doesn’t mention slavery  Read more. 

Rep Mike Waltz claims pacifist “MLK would have been a GREAT Green Beret!” Read more. 

Kansas lawmaker greets state’s first Native American woman to preside over legislature with “joke” equating her gavel with a tomahawk. “Thank you, madam chair,” said GOP Rep. John Wheeler. “I was just checking to see if that was a tomahawk.”

Jan 6th Insurrectionist Claims Capitol Rioters Treated “Worse” Than Black Americans Under Jim Crow

MA preschool teacher has kids make, wear blackface masks for Black History Month 

Florida Special Ed Teacher’s Posters of Black Historical Figures Like MLK Deemed Inappropriate by Administrator and Removed. So he quit. Read more. 

Charlie Kirk claims “We should have church and state mixed together. Our Founding Fathers believed in that.” Read more. 

Newt Gingrich labels Biden the second-worst president in American history. Says only Buchanan was worse. Nixon, Johnson, and Harding were not available for comment.Read more. 

Indiana state rep says  teachers “need to be impartial” during lessons about Nazism and fascism

Writer Andrew Sullivan refers to George Floyd racial justice protests as the “1619 Riots” and compares them to the Jan 6 insurrection. Read more. 

Michael Flynn says “Creator” mentioned 4 times in the Constitution. Actually, it's zero, but whatever. Said Flynn: "you study the history of this country, you study how it was founded. That’s why the word ‘Creator’ is in the Constitution four times."

Trump says he is “most persecuted person” in US history.  Read more. 

Ted Cruz favorably cites a slaveholder in confirmation hearing for Ketanji Brown Jackson.

NH state rep says 3/5ths clause in the Constitution was to curb the spread of slavery (that's 5/5ths wrong) 

Sen John Cornyn claims during confirmation hearing for Ketanji Brown Jackson that SCOTUS overturned Dred Scott (nope, 13th amendment, dude)  

Sen Joe Manchin Says Senate Has Always Had the Filibuster (sorry, NOT in the Constitution)

Sen Joe Manchin Says Senate Has Always Had the Filibuster (sorry, NOT in the Constitution)

Fox host Rachel Campos-Duffy suggests new monument to enslaved people also “celebrate all of the white Americans who died on behalf of freedom of slaves.” Read more. 

Wis. School Board bans novel about Japanese American incarceration as being “unbalanced” for omitting the US gov’s perspective (which was, um, racism). Read more. 

Sen Tom Cotton says the Covid-related reduction in incarceration was “the worst jailbreak in American history”

TX Lt Gov Dan Patrick says God, not the Founders, “wrote the Constitution.” Said Patrick: “We were a nation founded upon, not the words of our Founders, but the words of God because he wrote the Constitution.”  Read more. 

Sen Ted Cruz compares FBI raid on Trump’s home to IRS pursuing “Al Capone for tax evasion” (Dude, kinda sloppy with that comparison: Al Capone was guilty and went to prison) Read more. 

Nominees for the 2022 Weemsy Awards™

Marvel gets hammered for introducing a grossly offensive version of Pocahontas. Marvel apologized and said it would rename her and make her less hyper-sexualized because, of course, that will fix everything.

Sen John Kennedy says US "caught the disease of slavery, but we beat it back." Kinda makes it sound like slavery lasted a weekend, rather than 246 years.

Pedro L. Gonzalez says Lizzo playing a flute owned by James Madison “is about humiliating white people, about desecrating American history and heritage.” Read more. 

Texas educators propose referring to slavery as “involuntary relocation” in effort to avoid student “discomfort” with history.” Read more. 

Ron Desantis’ New Civics Initiative Teaches Kids Slavery In America Wasn’t That Bad. It tells students that Washington & Jefferson opposed slavery, with no mention that they owned 100s of enslaved people. Also, separation of church & state is a major “misconception.”  Read more. 

White Chicago history teacher suspended for hanging Black doll in front of classroom. Teacher claimed he found the doll in his room and wanted to display it to see if someone would claim it. Shuuuuure....

Rep. Lauren Boebert, seemingly unaware of Amendments, claims “the Constitution Is Not Evolving.”

FL Gov Ron DeSantis says children shouldn’t be taught that US is built on “stolen land” cuz “It isn’t true.” Native Americans and historians had some thoughts Read more. 

Eric Trump claims (falsely) that his father was 'first president in history that didn't start a war' Read more. 

Texas Church Illegally Performs 'Hamilton' with Anti-LGBTQ Messaging. Gets suuuuued.  Read more. 

​​Rep Lauren Boebert says the Founders wanted the church “to direct the government… I’m tired of this separation of church and state junk.” Read more. 

Legal scholar Jonathan Turley condemns Canadian government response to trucker protest, saying: “by this rationale, they could have cracked down on the civil rights movement. They could have arrested Martin Luther King.” Umm, could have?

AZ Gov candidate Kari Lake claims MLK would have been ‘America First’ Republican Read more. 

Charlie Kirk defends British colonialism as “the most benign global empire ever.” Has he read the Declaration of Independence?  Read more. 

Eric Trump says “There is no family in America that has taken more arrows in the back” than his (paging members of the Kennedy family) Read more. 

Listed in chronological order. Scroll to the end to find the most recent history fails. The nomination season runs from December to December, so the first few nominations for 2022 occurred in December 2021.

FoxNews hosts dismayed that Jefferson's Monticello makes people feel bad about slavery. They complained exhibits emphasized “how terrible Thomas Jefferson was because he was a slave owner” and presented a “one-sided point of view that makes Thomas Jefferson a bad guy in his own home.” Read more. 

Fox News Contributor Likens Christmas Tree Fire to Pearl Harbor. Said Rev. Jacques DeGraff: “I’m here because these colors don’t run! Eighty years ago this week, they tried to extinguish the darkness in a place called Pearl Harbor. We didn’t fold then, and we won’t fold now because we have come this far by faith!”

 FL Gov Ron DeSantis claims “no one questioned slavery” before the American Revolution. Historians: Nope. Not even close. Read more. 

Sen Marsha Blackburn mistook the Constitution for the Declaration of Independence. "The Constitution,” said Blackburn, “grants us rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness — not abortions."

Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene Tries to Defend a “Confederate Soldiers” Monument by posing in Front of One to Union Troops. Read more. 

Rep Pete Sessions (R-TX) compares legal cannabis sales to slavery Read more. 

Herschel Walker claims the Founders “apologized for [America's] whiteness…Because if you read the Constitution, it talks about every man being treated fair.” Wow, that's not even 3/5ths correct.  Read more. 

OH lawmaker says schools should teach the Holocaust “from the perspective of a German soldier.” An advocate of legislation restricting how race is taught in schools, she said “divisive concepts” should be taught from multiple points of view.

Ohio Senate Candidate Josh Mandel Tells MLK's Daughter She Doesn’t Know Her Father's Legacy or History. It Did Not Go Well for Him. Read more.

Rep Madison Cawthorn mocked for claiming “Our Founding Fathers wouldn't recognize the America we live in today. They would be horrified, and rightfully so.”

Writer John Zmirak says Trump is the MLK of the Working Class and Christians. Because, you know, the FBI …. Read more. 

FoxNews host and guest dismayed that James Madison’s Montpelier “woke tour” discusses slavery. “What if you’re bringing your children?” Read more.