Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene compared Trump’s arraignment to the arrest of Nelson Mandela & Jesus  Story here and video below.

Proposed Alabama bill would raise penalty for removing Confederate monuments.  Story here.

Maine newspaper apologizes for running a redacted version of 'I Have a Dream' speech Story here

Chris Berman recognizes the first Super Bowl with 2 Black QBs by making an awkward reference to Abraham Lincoln's birthday Story here

Oklahoma superintendent of education says Tulsa Race Massacre wasn’t due to color of anyone’s skin Story here and video below.

Sean Spicer confuses Pearl Harbor Day with D-Day Story here

Writer Kenneth L. Woodward claims MLK was a “Christian nationalist” Story here.

Marjorie Taylor Greene says African Americans should feel proud when they look at Confederate monuments.  Story here and video below.

Museum of American Revolution hosts Moms for Liberty event. Story here.

Congressional candidate Derrick Evans recycles myth of Irish slaves in America.  Story here and video below.

Aramark apologizes for insensitivity of school lunch served on first day of Black History Month  Story here

Commentator Ben Shapiro declares the Durham Report exposes a scandal “worse than Watergate” Story here.

DeSantis Admin Blocks AP African American Studies Program Story here

Columbus, OH police dept unveils a Black Hist Month cop car.  Story here and video below.

GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy claims, “Black people secured their freedoms after the Civil War…only after their 2nd Amendment rights were secured”  Story here and video below.

Illinois schools under fire for having students pick cotton seeds in slavery lesson.  Story here.

Sen Josh Hawley says America and Christianity “is where slavery went to die”  Story here and video below.

Tucker Carlson says most Americans loved Nixon when the Deep State forced him to resign Story here

MS Senator Calls For Return of Old State Flag: ‘Our People Died Under That Flag’  Story here and video below.

Nominees for the 2023 Weemsy Awards™

FoxNews host Tom Shillue says fireworks bans are un-American because fireworks are in the national anthem Story here and video below.

Former Rep Michele Bachmann says slavery was not sinful Story here 

Rep Jim Jordan says Physical Altercation on House Floor: ‘Exactly How the Founders Intended It’ Story here

Barrington Martin II says ”we never hear about … slave owners who led with kindness”  Story here.

OH Senate candidate suggests reparations for white Civil War Union soldiers Story here.

Sen Josh Hawley posts a fake Patrick Henry quote that claims the US was founded as a Christian nation Story here and video below.

SC town uses white models on posters promoting Juneteenth events. Story here.

Rep Mike Loychik claims AR-15 is "the exact type of weapon the Founding Fathers had in mind when they wrote the 2nd Amendment" Story here

Commentator Tomi Lahren says the American flag represents soldiers who died on the battlefield. Story here.

Minister says Blacks didn’t protest slavery and instead were loyal and learned Christianity  Story here 

Newt Gingrich says withholding top secret info about spy balloon shootdowns means Biden’s is “Most dishonest” admin in  US history Story here

GOP posts July 4th message with image of the flag of Liberia Story here 

So Dakota State Rep. Twists MLK Quote to Justify Trans Healthcare Ban Story here
and video below.

Kari Lake Calls Steve Bannon a “modern-day George Washington”  Story here and video below.

Commentator Charlie Kirk says Juneteenth is not about emancipation. Story here.

SC state Rep Thomas Beach compares abortion to slavery, the Trail of Tears, Japanese internment, and the KKK. Story here.

Sen. Ted Cruz asserts MLK would have decried the NAACP’s FL travel advisory. Historians pounce. Story here.

Political consultant Noel Fritsch links mask wearing to “African chattel slavery” Story here and video below.

Michigan GOP slammed for comparing gun reform to Holocaust Story here.

Donald Trump claims the Espionage Act has never been used before. Eugene Debs, Emma Goldman, and Daniel Elsberg, among others, beg to differ.  Story here 

Commentator Ana Kasparian makes a ridiculous comparison between Trans Rights activists vs Civil Rights activists Story here 

Kayleigh McEnany, semmingly unaware of the 1st Amendment, says Founders never intended separation of church and state. Story here.

Miami day care put kids in blackface to celebrate Black History Month.  Story here.

Listed in chronological order. Scroll to the end to find the most recent history fails. The nomination season runs from December to December, so the first few nominations for 2023 occurred in December 2022.

Publisher Deletes Race From Rosa Parks Story to Accommodate Florida’s DeSantis.  Story here and video below.